Sunday, June 22, 2014

Pictures from May & June

It feels so good to get all the photos off my phone and camera, and start editing them. It has been weighing on me to get it done, or else it gets overwhelming. We have been so busy lately, busier than I can even remember, so thank goodness our crazy schedule is now winding down!  
We went to visit Gramps on Memorial Day. It was hard - I didn't like being there really. It made it so "real". Both Anton and I cried - life is just not that same without our sweet Gramps! We miss him!

This particular day I took Lilly out to lunch. I told her we could go where ever she wanted to go, and she chose Taco Time. Yuck. Anyway, she was so darling and it was so fun to be with just her. Love that little squirt! How about those freckles?! 

We have ripped out several trees in our yard. It has been fun to make the yard "ours". For some reason when we work in the yard, it makes the house feel more like ours. Anton does such an amazing job, and works so hard. We love it here!

On my Mother's Day card, Claire said "I love Mommy because she takes me to the swimming pool"! So, here we are, at the swimming pool. Couldn't help but snap a pic of her in her awesome foggy goggles.

Father's Day. I can't being to express the love I have for these three. We are blessed beyond words to have Anton. We is so adored. 

Mother's Day. Oh how I love my little family.

Claire's rad hiding spot. Lilly and I still laugh about that.

Willow Creek Swimming!! Is there anything better about summer than swimming at Willow Creek?! I think not. We love love love it there!
We have been tossing around the idea about putting Lilly into riding lessons. And, it just so happens that my darling co-worker owns and shows arabian horses so she invited us out to see the stables and ride her horses. It was so much fun. My girls were in heaven!! Particularly Lilly. Claire is still too young. She doesn't weigh enough, so her horse was acting a little funny. It could feel something on its back, but couldn't feel her legs. So, now we know we will need to wait a few years until we put her in lessons. It was such a fun night. We went with Anna and her kids, my mom, and cousin Annie! 

Last day of Kindergarten!

SO bitter sweet! How on earth is Lilly old enough for 1st grade!? I can't handle the fact that she is done with Kindergarten. She LOVED Kindergarten. Her teacher, Ms. Diaz, was amazing...both of us adored her. Lilly really excelled this year, and loved her classroom environment. She made so many darling little friends, and is sad to be switching school, but I have no doubt at what she will meet other friends. The day before her last day, she had a class play where they performed "Room on the Broom", and "The Very Hungry Catterpillar". It was absolutely darling!! Her last day was certainly fun filled. It started off with her Kindergarten talent show, where she and her best friend Hope did a little dance. Then, she had her Owl Chorale concert. I cried watching her up there. She loved her Choir - it was her first time every being in a choir - and she loved it. It was so fun to go see her perform, and see how confident she was up there. This particular concert was really sweet because my Granny came. It is rare that she comes out for things like that, but she did! Then after the concert, there was a little class room party. The next day there was a pool party for all the little girls in her class. We have been so impressed with Oakwood, and will miss being there. But, with that being said, I think the move to the new school will be the best for her. It has also been so fun to be in school with cousin Annie - they became the very best of friends by the end of the year. They are such little cuties! Congrats to my little bug for doing so well in Kindergarten!

Preschool Promotion

Well, Claire is finished with her first year of Preschool, and I can hardly believe it! She is getting so big, but still seems so itty bitty. She liked preschool, but didn't love it like Lilly did. She always had fun once she was there, but it was always a battle to get her there. It seemed like every day I heard "I don't want to go to school". I think part of the problem was Lilly's school didn't start until after I took Claire, so Claire thought Lilly and I were having a grand time without her. Hopefully next year will be better! She learned a lot this year, and I am so glad she went. I think it was good for her to learn from someone other than just me and Anton...she tends to tune us out sometimes! 
Her preschool promotion was SO darling!! She had to recite a poem, which was a little scary for her, but she did it (even though she was so quite you could hardly hear her!)! They also sang all of the songs they had learned throughout the year. I love her preschool so much - it seems so old fashioned, and just perfect for little ones.
Good job little Clairey, we love you!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


We got to go the Zoo with Claire's preschool class. And, it so happened to fall on Lilly's birthday! We had a great time. The weather was cool, but beautiful, and wasn't very busy which was nice. And it was a bonus to see some of the new Lions!

Lilly turns 6!!

Lilly had such a fun birthday!! It seemed to last for days and days, lucky girl! At times I think my heart may burst with love for this girl. She means the absolute world to me. I feel so blessed to be her "mama" - it is certainly the very best job in the world. I wouldn't trade it for the world. Some of my very favorite things about Lilly are:
*Her beautiful smile, and the freckles on her cheeks.
*Her laugh. Her genuine laugh is so funny, and so contagious. 
*She finds humor in things...mostly in Claire :)
*She loves to be outside. Either riding bikes, jumping, playing in the treehouse. 
*She still wants loves from me. I carried her to bed tonight, and I love that she let me do that.
*She loves school and is such a good little reader.
*She loves music. Loves to sing, loves to play on the piano, and loves to listen to music.
*She is an absolute sweetheart. 

I am having a hard time coming to grips with her being SIX! Time goes by way too quickly. I was just telling my mom tonight that Lilly is coming home with all the papers announcing the end of school programs and such, and I am having such an hard time with it. It is certainly bitter sweet. Just yesterday morning I had both girls in the bubble bath, then we had lunch was just our "normal" morning. I am sad that this fall, it will never be that way again. I will miss our mornings and lunches together. I look forward to each stage with my girls, but at the same time, I can't stand that they are growing up. Life with Lilly and Claire is so sweet. Lilly, just like I tell her everyday, is "my favorite six year old in the whole world". I am looking forward to spending lazy pool days this summer with my girls before we are slaves to the school system. (Can you tell I am struggling with Lilly growing up?!?!)

Love you Lilly Bug!!! Thank you for making our family so happy!!

 Since Lilly loves ice skating, we thought she would love Roller Blades, and we were right. She was so excited when she opened them, and wanted to put them right on and head outside. She got to open these a few days before her birthday because Anton was going to be out of town on her birthday. These were her "big" gift.
 Good Morning Birthday Girl!!!
She got this birthday hat from school. She had such a fun day at school, and took Zebra Cakes for her special treat.

She loved her Barbie from Claire, and the Beanie Boo's from her sweet cousin Annie!

Anton works with the most incredible people. Some of them have turned out to be such dear friends. Robert & Rene came over a couple days after Lilly's birthday to bring presents for the girls. They gave Lilly a Calico Critters ice cream truck, and Claire a really cool Batman - such incredibly thoughtful gifts. We are so lucky to have such amazing friends - near and far!

Cell Phone Dump

The girls always hate when Daddy has to leave town for work. I thought this little note was so sweet.

 Our first spring in this house!! It was so fun to see what flowers came in. We planted a few tulip bulbs, but was still surprised to see everything pop out of the ground. We have already started working on the yard, and putting our own stamp on it. It feels good to start making it "ours". That was one thing we LOVED about our old house, so we are excited about doing that to this home.
Both girls had their dental checkups. I was so proud of them because they both had perfect teeth! They love going to the dentist - cute little squirts!!

My parents are the best. Every time Anton leaves town they offer to take us or have us over for dinner. It is so fun to be with them, and have someone to talk to. The girls, I am sure, get tired of me so it is a nice break for all of us to get to be with them. This particular night they wanted to take us to dinner (Lilly wanted pot stickers), then take the girls to Toys R Us to pick out some new toys. They were stoked! So was I! :)
I absolutely love peeking in and giving kisses to the girls right before I/we head into bed. Lilly is so funny, and she has been doing this every since she was tiny. She gets her favorite toys (of the day or week) and lines them all up on her pillow. I will be so sad when she stops doing this. I love how "little" she still plays. So innocent, and so sweet!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


After looking back at years of Easter seems like the last several years, we are in St. George for Easter! This year was no different. It was a fun weekend, and beautiful weather. The girls had so much fun being with cousins and Grandma and Grandpa. This particular Easter was really sweet, given the recent passing of my Gramps. It was as if I finally really understood and took to heart the tender and incredibly beautiful meaning of Easter. We went to visit Anton's grandparents before we left, and seeing his grandpa interact with the girls brought back so many memories. In fact, the whole weekend seemed to bring back sweet memories of my gramps. Walking around the art festival made me miss him so much. He would have wanted to know all about it, and would have wanted to know all about what we did while we were there. I really really missed him while I was down there. As we drove away from Anton's grandparents home, I cried. I cried selfishly because I missed my cute little Gramps. And, I cried for Anton...I told him I dread the day when he has to say goodbye to his sweet grandparents. Even though I was a little melancholy over my gramps, we had a great time! And, with our track record, we will probably head down again next year!