Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spring Break 2015

This year for Spring Break we went down to St. George to go camping with my family. We truly had the best time!! It was SO fun. It was just so low key, the girls were darling, it was fun to be with my family and it was beautiful weather. Anton is now entering the really busy season with work, so he wasn't able to come. So, I packed up the car to the brim, and off we went! I snapped this picture while driving toward snow canyon. I couldn't believe how pretty it was down there. There is something about the bright blue sky and the red mountains that is so stunning. 

Growing up, I remember spending many many many Easter's or Spring Breaks down in Snow Canyon. Right before I left, I found a picture of me when I was about six and I was holding a bunch of Easter Eggs. I have so many fun memories of being down there with my family. So, it was really fun this time to be down there with my kids and watch them explore and do the same things I remember doing as a little girl. Unfortunately they don't let you climb on the red rocks much anymore, but that didn't keep the kids from having a blast.

The day we drove down was Claire's actual birthday. We woke up and opened some presents, then off we went. Once we got to St. George, I stopped and picked up a big birthday cake and headed to the camp site. My cute mom had a piƱata and some presents for Claire. She wanted to make sure she had a special day. I think it turned out pretty special. She loved celebrating with everyone! It didn't take long at all to set up the tent, and the girls were pretty stoked about sleeping on either side of me in it! We each had our own sleeping bags, and then we laid a down comforter on top of us to keep us warm. I was glad I brought that because it was cooold!!
My parents were so fun and so darling. They are such darling grandparents and plan so many fun things for their grandkids. No wonder the kiddos love them as much as they do! My mom had filled what seemed like 100 eggs and hid them for the kids to find. They loved it because not only did the eggs have chocolate...they had money too!

Like I mentioned, it was so low key. We rode bikes, played frisbee, went hiking, went golfing (thanks to my awesome sister in law Nicole for watching the kids for me!), went swimming, and laughed a lot! There was no schedule, no electronics, no drama. It was perfect. I love the picture of all the kids in my dad's truck. He loaded up everyones bikes and scooters and took them down for us. That particular day, he loaded the kids and their bikes up and took them to the top of Snow Canyon so they could ride their bikes down to the bottom of the canyon on the path. Lilly was super duper slow, but loved it. Claire stayed behind with me - which was probably a good decision. She was happy to ride her bike around camp. She would spend hours riding her bike on the concrete pad...weaving in and out of the tables. It was really cute. Claire was SO sad when it was time to go. She cried and cried and cried. I think some exhaustion played into her being so upset. Before we hit the freeway she was nodding off. Both girls slept a good two hours on the drive home.

When we got home, Anton had bought each of us flowers and some kites for the girls. I thought that was so sweet! It was so good to see him, and sleep in my own bed!! We had the best time. Truly. It was exhausting, but so fun. Hope we do it again soon!!

Claire's Birthday Party!

Mother of the year right here. Claire had her FIRST birthday party....it just happened to come when she was turning 5. I am not huge into birthday parties, therefore we do them every other year. The "off years" we just celebrate with our little family. When Claire was three, I think she had two friends (she still doesn't have many friends) so we held off on doing a party. This year was the year for her first birthday party. She got to decide her theme and what do to and who to invite. She loved it! She wanted a cheetah cake (no surprise!), but I wasn't feeling up to trying to make that, so we went with jungle animals instead. A couple of months ago she went to her cousin Charlie's birthday party at Jungle Jim's, and had a lot of fun so we decided to have hers there too! It was nice because it included pizza, plates & decorations, balloons, tokens, and drinks. They had it all set up for us when we got there, which was really nice. Anton took the afternoon off work, so he came to help get everything ready and helped with all the kiddos at the party. He was a life saver! It turned out to be a really fun party, and Claire had a great time!! When we were walking out the door she said to me "Mom, you're the BEST Mom"!! Cute Claire...so happy she had a great "first" birthday party!!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Phone Pictures

Claire is a "phase girl". She goes through lots of funny phases. She recently went through a fancy girl phase. Lipstick and heels were modeled every day. This particular day she wanted to wear these shoes to school. Somehow I was able to talk her out of it...but the lipstick stayed. Her phase currently is turquoise. All she wants to wear is turquoise. So random and funny!

It is finally time to break out the sidewalk chalk!! Our neighbor came out this day we were out playing, and he did traffic signs all over the circle for the neighbor kids. They loved it!

Lilly looooves to jump rope!

Anton and I decided to take the girls out on a date to dinner and to see Cinderella. It was SO fun! The girls were in heaven, and it was a darling movie. It is Lilly's new favorite movie, and I can completely understand why. I loved it!

We were hit with another round of pink eye. When I say we, I mean Claire. How she always ends up being the only one that gets it is a mystery. 

First Skating Show

Lilly has been in skating lessons for a while, now but participated in her first Ice Show a few weeks ago. It was so fun for her! I thought she would be really nervous because she doesn't like being in front of people, but she wasn't nervous one bit. I was shocked! She skated great, and it was fun to see her out there. 
She has almost graduated from her lessons, and has decided that even when her group lessons are done, she still wants to take her private lessons and even wants to participate in a competition. I was really anxious about entering this world I know nothing about it. I don't like the idea of being over scheduled and having a life where activities take priority, so I was really nervous (still am!) about our lives being determined by her skating. It is such a fine line between letting your child do something they are passionate about, and not letting it completely consume your life. So, I called her coach to talk to her about what to expect when we enter the skating world. It was a huge relief to hear that we get to determine how often she skates, and how often she enters competitions. We decided that she won't skate on a team, and will just skate on her own. That way no one depends on her, and she can skate just for herself. So, there is a competition next month, and we are going to let her try it to see if it is even something she wants to do. But, we have warned her if she likes them...only one or two competitions a year! 
She is a beautiful little skater, and it is so fun to watch her. I look forward to many more years of watching her skate!

St. Patricks

I think St. Patricks day is such a funny holiday. If it weren't for the kids, I don't think I would ever remember it. Lilly was especially excited because on St. Patrick's Day, she was getting an award at her school. She was insistent on wearing her striped skirt and she doesn't own a green shirt, so the only green she wore was a ribbon in her hair. She got the Spirit Award for self control. She was surprisingly nervous, and she does this funny thing where she puts her fingers by her mouth. She stood up there the whole time with her fingers in her mouth...well, until she had to shake the principles hand!
The naughty leprechaun messed up our house again this year. He went to the bathroom in our toilet, and left footprints on the toilet seat. He died our milk green and tipped over our kitchen chairs. But, he was a little bit nice because he left gold coins all over the kitchen! Oh man, the girls think that leprechaun is so funny! 

Field Trip

I have mentioned many times before how much I love my girls preschool. One of the things I love about it is all the fun field trips we go on. We go to so many fun places, get great discounts because we are with a group, and the kids love it! I feel really fortunate that I get to go with Claire on all her field trips. It is fun for her to have me there, and it is so fun for me to see her interact with her school friends. 
A few weeks ago we went to the Childrens Museum. We went at kind of an odd time, and it was perfect. There was one group there before us, but they left shortly after we got into the play area and it was just our little school there. It was awesome. We spent so long there, and when it was time to leave Claire was so upset. I thought she would be ready to leave because we had been there for so long, but I was wrong. It was such a fun day!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Lilly Bug

Oh Lilly. Where do I even start? First off, I am still so proud of her. She is so kind to everyone around her, and is always so kind to the underdog. I get to volunteer every week in her classroom, and it is fun to see her amongst her peers. It is very telling to me that most of the kids...boys and girls...love to play with Lilly. She is always up for a fun time, and she loves to be silly. She has such a fun personality, I love watching her grow into her own little person. She still loves reading and is excellent at reading, but she struggles a bit in Math. But no surprise there when you look at who her mom is! Her beautiful little face is still covered in freckles, and so far she has lost 5 teeth! I have her signed up for Piano and Ice Skating right now. She is really liking piano, but her passion is still ice skating. She absolutely loves it. When she isn't skating, she is thinking about skating. When she is skating, she just wants to skate more! I have told her if she passes all the classes, then she will earn a pair of white ice skates. She is almost there! But, her Nana might be surprising her for her birthday with some. She is so graceful on the ice, and is clearly in her element. I signed her up for private lessons, and they are worth every single penny. She has improved drastically since being in them, and it is very rewarding and fun to watch! She has her first performance coming up in a few weeks, so that will be fun to watch. 
She is such a sweet big sister. The girls fight like siblings do, but for the most part the girls are the best of friends. She is patient with Claire, and still thinks Claire is the funniest person in the family. I tend to agree!
I love my Lilly Bug more than life itself! I can't believe she is going to be 7 soon!