Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Lilly Bug

Oh Lilly. Where do I even start? First off, I am still so proud of her. She is so kind to everyone around her, and is always so kind to the underdog. I get to volunteer every week in her classroom, and it is fun to see her amongst her peers. It is very telling to me that most of the kids...boys and girls...love to play with Lilly. She is always up for a fun time, and she loves to be silly. She has such a fun personality, I love watching her grow into her own little person. She still loves reading and is excellent at reading, but she struggles a bit in Math. But no surprise there when you look at who her mom is! Her beautiful little face is still covered in freckles, and so far she has lost 5 teeth! I have her signed up for Piano and Ice Skating right now. She is really liking piano, but her passion is still ice skating. She absolutely loves it. When she isn't skating, she is thinking about skating. When she is skating, she just wants to skate more! I have told her if she passes all the classes, then she will earn a pair of white ice skates. She is almost there! But, her Nana might be surprising her for her birthday with some. She is so graceful on the ice, and is clearly in her element. I signed her up for private lessons, and they are worth every single penny. She has improved drastically since being in them, and it is very rewarding and fun to watch! She has her first performance coming up in a few weeks, so that will be fun to watch. 
She is such a sweet big sister. The girls fight like siblings do, but for the most part the girls are the best of friends. She is patient with Claire, and still thinks Claire is the funniest person in the family. I tend to agree!
I love my Lilly Bug more than life itself! I can't believe she is going to be 7 soon!

Claire Bear

It seems like Claire all the sudden turned from a little toddler, to a big girl. Anton and I have noticed a lot lately how much she is changing. My mom and I were talking about Claire's upcoming birthday, and she said something like she couldn't believe Claire was going to be 4...wrong! When I told her she was about to turn 5, she could hardly believe it. I am sure it is because she is my baby, but she doesn't seem like she is going to be 5...until recently. She is still the funniest, quirkiest, most adorable little thing in the world! We love our Claire Bear!

The number one thing on Claire's Christmas list was a "big batman". Unfortunately Santa couldn't make that toy, and mom & dad couldn't find it ANYWHERE. That was, until about 2 weeks after Christmas. We were at Target looking at the toys for a birthday party, and we stumbled upon him. She screamed with excited, and I couldn't tell her no. She didn't put him down for about a week solid. 

We have had the most incredibly easy winter. It was gorgeous one day, and our cute neighbors invited us to go to the zoo with them. It felt like we were the only ones there, and the animals were really active. It has felt so good to get out and about, rather than being cooped up all winter!

I love the fun field trips that Claire's preschool gets to take. This particular one, we went to the Thanksgiving Point dinosaur museum. We loved it!!

Claire really really really wanted some sunglasses because she gets tired of the sun getting in her eyes. So, before we went down to St. George we went to the store and bought some sun glasses. She loves them, and thinks she looks so awesome with them on. She is right!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


 I got in bed with my laptop and opened it up to do some work. I decided it was too quiet, so I turned on my iTunes. Before I knew it, Disney songs started playing...and I left it on for a few songs because it just made me smile. I sat for a few minutes thinking about my darling daughters, and literally I had a smile on my face. The joy they bring into my life is so beautiful. The feeling is so hard to explain...I say to them and to Anton often..."I love you so much, I could burst!". That is truly the only way I can describe my love for them. The fear of losing them is also there. Only a parent could understand that fear of "what if". Claire gave us a health scare a few weeks ago, and I was heartsick while we had to wait for results on her blood work. I kept thinking to myself, "I will die if something is wrong with her". During this time, a friend from college lost her beautiful little darling to the flu. Horrific. Devastating. Unfair. Heartbreaking. I haven't been able to get them off my mind since it happened. Since then, I have been squeezing my girls a little tighter and trying to soak in those "everyday moments". A while ago, I decided I wanted to start taking more pictures of my life with them, things like their toys and they funny way they set them up and just more of our everyday moments. I am so glad I do that, because I know when I am old and grey it will be so fun to look back and remember these sweet times. I thank my Heavenly Father each day for my beautiful little miracles. I am grateful and thankful that I get to hold them, squeeze them, kiss them, read with them, watch them play, bathe them, laugh with them...and my heart is so heavy for those sweet parents who have to endure the painful trial of losing a child or having a child with major health problems. Why some people have those trials is a question I often ask myself. It has been on my mind lately for me to write down my feelings and my thoughts on being a mom....but truly, I can't put into words the immense love and joy I feel for my little family. The only word that comes to mind is Gratitude. I have so much of it. Life is so precious, and so beautiful. I am blessed. Blessed beyond measure. And the most beautiful part of all of this, is our little family is eternal. They are forever mine. Lilly often says about Claire, "I am so glad she is in our family". I think that about all three of them every single day.

Friday, January 9, 2015

December Festivities!

Just like every other December, this year was as busy as can be! Although, I loved it. I always get so sad when the holidays are getting close, because I don't want them to end and I love my kids being at the magical age they are - but by the time its over, I am so ok with it! I get kind of overwhelmed with all the expectations and all of the obligations, but this year it wasn't as bad as years previous. So, here is a little peak at our busy and fun December!
I love Claire's preschool....everything about it. Miss Lorie gets those kids so ready for school, and at the same time it is still so old school and darling. It is nothing fancy or showy, and just the way I like it. Every year they have a pajama party and then they put on a little program for the parents. Claire sang her little heart out, and was as cute as a button! 

We were invited to a friends house for Breakfast with Santa. It was so cute, and he was a really believable Santa (unlike so many). The funny thing is, Claire didn't want to have any part of Santa. You can kind of tell by this picture, that she wasn't too jazzed to be sitting on his lap! I am sure part of it is there were a million fun toys in the basement that she couldn't wait to get her hands on. Lilly loved the party though! She is such a social butterfly!

The girls got these stuffed bears at the ward party, and they were a favorite for a while. Its funny how dollar store toys end up being the favorite toys sometimes! I snapped this picture before Church because I thought they looked so cute and festive!

Free Ice Skating with Santa. He was pretty much the worst Santa I have laid eyes on. And, he was super unfriendly. Both girls picked up on it very quickly that there was no way he was the real Santa. The ice rink was packed that day since it was free, but the girls had a ball with all their friends from their school and neighborhood. 

This is one of our darling babysitters whom we adore! We went to a party at her parents house, and she couldn't wait to have the girls open some presents she got for them. I thought that was so sweet! 
It was a fun and packed December! 

Winter Break

It was so much fun having the girls home for Winter Break. I loved not having a schedule, as did the girls. We had many low key mornings, and had lots of fun playing with cousins & friends. We also went on a few fun outings! We didn't get any snow until Christmas morning, so we were able to go on walks and ride our bikes up until then. The girls love taking our dogs on walks, but I am pretty sure the dogs like it more!

I finally finished painting our dining room, and I think it turned out beautiful! I was very impressed by my painting skills. I painted everything: molding, ceiling, walls. The previous owner had heavy heavy texture on the walls, so I sanded those down to where they was just a slight texture to the walls. I think it looks really nice!

They love playing in the snow! As I type this, all the snow in our backyard has melted - but they had fun while it was here!

My parents have a really fun party every year where we have a fabulous dinner, watch a talent show by the kids, have a Nativity and open gifts. Every year the little girls fight over who gets to be Mary so put names on popsicle sticks and they each got to draw who they would be. Claire got to play Mary and she was SO excited! She was the most adorable little thing. She would hold the baby (someone's doll) and caress it's head, talk to it, and snuggle it. For a split second it made me sad she doesn't have a younger sibling. But, like I said, that lasted less than 5 seconds! 

Claire is huge into art. She loves it and could do it for hours on end. She had the paints out for two weeks solid and kept taping up her creations. I didn't have the heart to take them down, so they stayed up throughout the month!

Claire's "funny face" kills me. This picture is so typical of these two:

We have a great movie theater close by that shows movies for $3, and all concessions are $1. We love it! We met up with my sister and her kids to see The Boxtrolls. Weird movie, but the kids really enjoyed it!

We had to get some sledding in! The one benefit to having freezing cold weather was the snow was still pretty fluffy. It was packed down, but not pure ice like it was last year. The girls love going, and it is always entertaining to see them laugh and bounce along!

We had a ball over Christmas breaks. I was actually sad to have school start again. It was so fun to be with the girls. They were so sweet and so good during the whole break. Love those little squirts!!
One of the major highlights was seeing our dear dear friends the Larsens. They were in town for just a short amount of time, so we only got to see them once, but it was SO fun. We had them over for dinner (wings) and games...one of our favorite things to do with them. We love them and miss them, so it did our hearts good to see one another! 

Christmas Eve & Christmas

I absolutely love our Christmas Eve tradition of staying home with just the four of us. It was such a fun and relaxing day. I know it is one of Antons favorite traditions we do as well. This year I cooked a turkey in the crockpot, which was SO delicious, along with all the fixings including mashed potatoes, veggies, rolls and pie for dessert. After dinner, Anton ran some pie to my sweet little Granny and Uncle George. I love how thoughtful and sweet Anton is. Then once he got home, we all snuggled in our living room by the fire and watched a Christmas Movie, read Christmas stories and let the girls open one gift each. We let them open the gifts from Elizabeth and Jurgen (Anton's business partner in Bozeman). They were so excited, and it was the perfect gift for them! She is so thoughtful!
Thankfully we had done a lot of the wrapping already, so all we had to do that night was do a little set up. We were both so excited to have the girls wake up the next morning and see what Santa brought them!
The traditional "picture on the stairs before presents"! I used to not love this when I was little, and now look at me...making these two do it!

Now let the chaos begin!!!!

Christmas with my little family is the magical time. I love it. The girls were so happy, and so excited. Anton and I exchanged gifts once the girls were done unwrapping, and once again I was spoiled. All I asked for was a new vacuum (I got two - including a central vacuum hose), a new robe and new slippers. Anton of course pulled through and got all of them for me! I was like a kid in a candy store after Christmas...I probably had the whole house vacuumed by noon!! 
I always get a little sad every time Christmas morning is over...not because of the gifts or anything like that. I just get sad thinking that my kids will soon be out of this magical stage. I dread the day I am giving them gift cards and clothes. Ugh. So, I soak up these years and these moments as much as I possibly can! I am truly blessed by this adorable little family of mine!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Life Recently

I love having a cell phone camera. That sounds so dumb, but it's true. I capture so many day to day moments that I never want to forget. Life is so sweet, and I couldn't be happier with my little family. They bring so much joy to my life! So, here are some pictures I have snapped over the past month or so...moments I don't want to forget.
This particular day, Claire didn't want to get out of her jammies. So, I let her stay in them most of the day. I walked downstairs and she was lying in the sun with the puppies.
Lilly had her usual crew over after school, and they found this costume which Claire wore when she was like 6 months old. Only Claire would think to put it on! It was SO dang funny. We all laughed and laughed over it. 
Lilly is in that stage of loosing teeth! She has lost two of her bottom, and in this picture she lost her first front tooth! We were on our way to church, and she came up to tell me her tooth fell out. Yes, it fell out because she doesn't want anyone to pull on them. She wants them to get so loose, that they just fall out. It drives me crazy! I pulled a crazy mom, and got a little teary eyed looking at that gap in her mouth. I wish they would stop growing up!!
We had one week of cold and winter like weather. They girls woke up on Saturday morning, and it had snowed about an inch, so they had to get out all their gear and go play! We have had insanely warm weather. It doesn't even feel like winter. It was 66 degrees last week, and 58 degrees yesterday. It has been great because the kids can play outside, our yard work is all done, we can go on walks, etc....but I am hoping we get some snow for Christmas. I know the girls are anxious for snow!
I just snapped this picture because I love looking down the hall and seeing Clairey playing. She has such a huge imagination and I love listening to her play, it is so darling.
A couple of Sundays ago, Anton and I were down watching TV. I hadn't seen or heard the girls for a little while, so I went upstairs to see how they were doing. I walked into my bathroom and found this. Claire claims her hair was itching her, so she took matters into her own hands, and cut that hair right off. I was not happy with her...mostly because I don't want her playing with those really sharp scissors she got ahold of. She has pretty thin hair, so I wasn't too upset to cut it short again!
More projects! I am finally getting around to painting some rooms that we didn't get to before we moved in. Some of the rooms didn't bother me when we moved in (mostly because I was SO sick of painting and prepping the house, I just wanted to move in), but now I am enjoying really making the home ours. I finished painting our master bathroom, and now I am working on painting the dining room. I bought a sander, and I am sanding down the heavy textures walls as best I can, and then I am painting the ceiling, walls and trim. It is a big job, but I am looking forward to the new look! Next up: powder room, Claire's room, and possibly the entry way. I love doing the projects, I just wish I had more time to do them!