Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring Break

We stayed in town this year for Spring Break. I knew we were leaving town for St. George several weeks later, and I needed to stay in town for work. Unfortunately the weather was so crappy, so we didn't get to do much outside. Still, we had fun! Lilly got to go to the Jazz game with Anton, I took Claire swimming. We went out to lunch. And, the highlight...we went to the new aquarium! It was amazing! Super expensive, and some of the exhibits weren't full, so I was a little bitter paying so much and not having it be completely complete. But, it was amazing. The girls loved it! It was the perfect place for the cold rainy day!


* We went to Nickel Mania with the kids and their cousins. Claire has been asking to go back every single day! It was a little sketchy, but the kids had an absolute blast. I love that the kids are getting to the age that we can go do fun stuff with them and not have it be a big ordeal. 

*Claire is still the very most random kiddo in the world. I can't tell you how much fun and laughter she brings to this house! Every day she does something so funny, and so darling. She is such an original - I love it. She is one of those kids that is so funny without even trying to be. Sometimes she gets her feelings hurt because people laugh at her, and she doesn't know why. Sweet little thing! She is scrumptious!

 *Lilly is still in skating and "wants to always stay in skating". This session was particularly fun because her cousins took it with her. And, another fun event...Claire went skating for the first time. She did well, and really enjoyed it! But, I think it helped that I held her hand the whole time so she wouldn't fall. Knowing her, if she fell once, she would hate going out on the ice after that. Her little ice skates were the tiniest, cutest little things!
 *Lilly has had an awesome case of "shark mouth". Her permanent teeth are coming in before her baby teeth fall out. One tooth was so loose, but she hated when I would pull on it because it hurt. (Anton will not do this job - he gets so squeamish!) So, we decided to just let it be until it was so loose it would basically fall out. And, that's exactly what happened. I went to pick her up one day after school, and she surprised me with showing me her tooth in her hand! She was SO excited! And, so was I...I was so done worrying about that darn tooth! She has another really loose tooth, and I think we will take the same approach :) Another thing that is exciting around our house is Lilly and her reading. She has just taken off, and loves it! It was like over night the light bulb went off, and it became so much easier for her. Proud of my little stink!
 *The girls have become the very best of friends. Yes, they fight. Yes, they need their space. But, they adore one another and have so much fun together. There have been so many times when we go in to give kisses or put them to bed and they are snuggled in Lilly's room and she is reading to them. And, whenever that happens, they always ask if they can have a sleepover. I know it won't always be this way, so I always let them. I love that they love each other so much!
 *Claire is very conflicted lately. See, she loves all things Batman/spiderman. But, she also kind of likes girl things. I frequently hear "Batman likes dark pink too right?"! This particular Sunday morning, I thought she looked so cute with the bow in her hair - which doesn't happen very often, but is starting to happen more. She is such a cutie!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sweet Gramps

My sweet Gramps. I can't even being to put into words how greatly I will miss him. This afternoon he passed away. Just the way he wanted, the way he deserved. He was at home, and passed away in his sleep. He was sick with the flu, which came on the night before, and was gone so quickly. My sweet granny wasn't alone, my uncle George was there, which is a tender mercy. It would have been terrible if my granny had been alone. I can't adequately express the depth of love I have for my sweet gramps. I have so many sweet memories of him. My heart is in two just thinking of my granny who is terribly mourning his loss. She is going to miss him so much. Funny thing, he always said he wanted to go first. He said he never wanted to go last because every song, everything he saw would bring memories of her. He loved her so much. The bickered, like a classic case of an old couple, but he adored her. He had an indescribable way of making everyone laugh. And, just about every time I was visiting, he would make granny laugh. He was the most charming, funny, loving, sweet, adoring little gramps that ever was. I have said so many times that I feel SO lucky to have known and had relationships with my grandparents in my adult life, but feel even more blessed that my children have had relationships with them too. Gramps adored Lilly. They had such a special relationship. I could never explain what they had, but I wasn't the only one to see it. He called her "his girlfriend". If you ever talked with him about Lilly, he would get emotional. They just had something special, those two. Lilly felt the same way about him. She loved him, and could hardly stand it when I would say we were on our way to visit Granny & Gramps. I tried to go over once every week or two. One time, I showed up just by myself, and when I got ready to leave he joked and said "You are not welcome here again if you come alone". He loved my girls so much. Almost every time we would leave, tears would well in his eyes. It was so sweet. I saw him last Thursday, and he sang "you oughta be in pictures", kissed me, hugged me and told me to tell my "old man" hello. Today when I left their house, I cried so hard in my car. Leaving without him standing at the top of the stairs was heart wrenching. He was so darling to Anton. He loved Anton, and Anton loved him. More than I think Gramps ever knew. At almost every family party, gramps would have a baggie of peppers in his pocket that he would share only with Anton. We had to miss granny and gramps Christmas morning breakfast because Claire was sick, which was a first for us, and Anton was really sad to miss it. He kept saying how sad he was to miss it. He loved seeing them and laughing with Gramps...which was easy to do.

There will be such an enormous void with him gone. As I spoke with Anton today, I explained what a blessing and comfort to know that I will see him again. I really believe that. It literally warmed my heart to think of the sweet reunion it will be to see him again. He is now with his son, his mom, so many people he loved. My heart is so sad for my granny, she will be so lonely without him. I can't bear the thought of her being alone.

My sweet Gramps. I love you. I will miss you so deeply. Thank you for bringing such great great joy into my life.

Love you.

My Little Claire Bear

So, I think I spoke too soon about Claire being a little grouch. She was a grouch, and still is sometimes, but I think a lot of that had to do with her coming down with a cold, and not sleeping well. I got thinking  the other day all of the darling, funny, and downright adorable things she does and says...and I knew I needed to document them, or I would forget. So, here goes:
* "Mom...I love you SO BAD"
* She always wants me to call her Dark Black Batman
*She could jump on the trampoline for hours - she is so happy playing outside
*Loves to snuggle, and gives the best loves.
* Every night when we put her to bed it goes like this: "Love you you most!"
*She taps her foot. She taps it when she is waiting, when she is eating, when she is is so random and funny.
*She puckers her lips way up to give kisses.
*Loves to get tickles from Daddy, and her feet are the very most ticklish. 
*She has such an imagination, and will play make believe every day.
*She loves all things Brave, Frozen & Batman. She is going to love our Disney Cruise for that reason alone!
*She loves hot sauce, strawberries, bagels with cream cheese, maple bars, and pizza. She asks for pizza every single day for lunch. 
*Her best little buds are Lilly and her cousins - especially Charlie. 

She is such a happy little bug. I can't even begin to express the immense joy she brings into our family. She is my little buddy, and I love having her with me all day. 
Love you little Claire Bear!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Jan & Feb

I have had the best intentions to blog more - but here I am. I will blame it on Picasa because for some reason it wont upload pictures, so I have to save the pictures to my computer and upload them...just a lot longer process. Any who, enough of that! Life is so good. Everyone is happy, and healthy. Here is the latest with everyone:

Claire Bear. Some little person with a terrible temper and major attitude has taken over my little Claire. She is pushing my patience lately. I remember with Lilly, three was much harder than two, and I am finding that to be the case with Claire too - although it is happening a lot later on than I would have though given she will be four really soon. When she is sweet, she is heavenly and lovey and I can't get enough of her. So, this little temper/attitude thing is driving me crazy! She is still in tumbling, but doesn't love it. She still loves dressing up as SpiderMan and Merida, but now she thinks she loves Batman. Such a little tomboy! She doesn't love going to school, but loves it when she is there. She is so happy when I pick her up. It is one of my favorite things in the world to pick her up. She is so happy and runs as fast as she can when she sees me. Melts my heart.

Lilly Bug. I can't believe how big Lilly is getting. It is so bitter sweet. I knew the day would come when she didn't live, breathe, dream, love Disney princesses...and SO sadly, that day is very near. She is understanding that they may not be real, but I do my best to convince her otherwise!! She is loving school, and is really doing well with reading and is ahead in Math (she did not get that from me!). She is such a sweet girl, and already tries to include the underdog when she plays with her friends. It makes us so proud. She is still obsessed with ice skating, so I signed her up for the next session already. It is so funny to watch her. She jumps, and twirls and thinks she is pretty amazing - she is determined, I will give her that! She is becoming such a good little helper around the house with her laundry, setting the table, cleaning her room, and unloading the dishwasher. I love her so much, she is such a little love bug.

Me. Life with me is good, but busy. I feel like a taxi service a lot of the time, but life is so happy. A few weeks ago, my previous boss called me and asked if I would be interested in coming back to work. I told him my first priority was being a mom, so if he could work around that, I would love to go back to work. So, I go into the office when Claire and Lilly are in school which is only twice a week, and then do the rest at home when needed. It was so fun to walk back into work and it has been great to have something other than laundry, cleaning, cooking etc. Then several days after I got a call from someone in my ward asking if I would be interested in making and taking two to three meals a week into an elderly couple. They pay really well, and it is so easy. All I have to do is make a little bit more food than what I usually do. So, lots of change - but good change! I am really excited about it!
(Sorry, no picture of me - I am always behind the camera!)

Anton. He has been home for so long, and now the traveling is going to start again. I am sad to have him leave!! He is so happy with work, probably the happiest I have ever seen him. Another thing making him so happy: hiking. I can't believe how mild and nice the last few weeks have been. He has been up Olympus so many least 3 times a week. I am glad for him because he loathes winter, and still wants to move to a warmer place like St. George. So, having him being able to get out and enjoy the winter as best he can is a big deal. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this guy. We were lying in bed the other night, and talked for what seemed hours...about everything. I love that I can talk and talk and talk with him. And, he makes me laugh every single day. Not just chuckle, but laugh. He is so good with the girls. He is the perfect combination of fun and strict. The girls think I am chopped liver next to him, but boy oh boy they do not want to cross him! I am dreading the several weeks he is gone, but grateful for all that he does for our little family.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


1. I thought it was finally time to get Claire into an activity. She chose tumbling, since she saw Lilly take tumbling and thought it looked fun. So far, so good! She really likes it!
2. So, remember when I said we had a fantastic Christmas?! This beauty was a gift from my parents. We couldn't be more thrilled about it! I am super rusty, but am excited to start to learn to play again. And, the girls are really looking forward to taking lessons soon.
3. Claire saw this batman shirt in the store, and I couldn't resist getting it for her. Funny thing is, right before this picture was taken she had her heart just broken in two. Some friends teased and laughed at her for wearing a batman shirt. I came downstairs and she was shirtless and crying. She had shoved her shirt behind the piano, and was refusing to put it back on. She was so embarrassed that these friends were laughing at her. Anton, Nana and me all gave her a good little pep talk to help ease the broken heart. Now, she wakes up everyday wanting to wear it. Love my little tom boy!
4. We decided to make a sledding hill in the front yard. It was actually really fun!
5. I was so tired of the brown in the girls bathroom, so I just started on this last night. It is going to be so darling, and so girly! Can't wait for it to be finished!
6. Lilly just started ice skating, and LOVED it!!! That is all she can think about. She is simply obsessed, and I think it is so darling that she loves it. And, since I am her mom, I can say she is one of the best in her class. Love my Lilly Bug!
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Monday, December 30, 2013

Winter Break

Because of Claire's pinkeye, all of us were literally broken hearted that Anton's sister couldn't stay with us while they were here for Christmas. Lilly was SO sad, and cried and cried that she couldn't be with Prentice 24/7. I called the doctor and got some eye drops for Claire, and she was no longer contagious come Friday. So, we finally got to see them! We took Lilly to be with them on Thursday night, and we got to see them for a long time on Saturday. We don't see Anton's family all that often, so it was great to see them for the time we did. We look forward to seeing them again soon - and more importantly, we can't wait for our Disney trip with them that we planed!!
Because pink eye is so contagious, we had to keep Claire away from doing some fun things with family. She was really sad about it, and it broke my heart. Now that she is done being sick, Lilly is sick!! She just has a cold/cough, but I swear it never ends :) Hoping it all clears up soon!
Lilly got to go to her cousin Lucy's birthday party at the hair school! I think her hair dresser might need a tad more schooling. She had so much fun though, and that's all that matters!

Took the girls sledding. It was pure ice, and I was a nervous wreck they were going to crash on it and get really hurt. Sledding is fun, but nerve-wracking! They loved it though!
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