Sunday, June 7, 2015

1st Grade Graduation

I truly could not be happier with the decision we made to send Lilly to Bella Vista. I loved her old school, and it had better ratings, but I just felt really strongly that it was important for her to go to the neighborhood school. I am so glad we made the move. The principal, her teacher and the staff were amazing. And, I can't tell you how much it has helped me to feel "settled", now that we are involved with the school and the community. We have such a cute group of kids in our neighborhood and they have gotten to be the best of friends! I love it, because that's how I remember growing up! Anton and I are so incredibly proud of Lilly and her amazing year at school. Her end of school report card was jaw dropped when I saw some of her placements. She is turing out to be a remarkable little girl. She is smart, so kind to everyone, has a darling sense of humor, and is a hard worker. She was heartbroken that school was over, and she said she was mostly going to miss her teacher. Mrs. Wheatley couldn't have been better. I loved volunteering each week in her class, and I think she is such a wonderful teacher. I hope Claire gets her when she goes to 1st grade! It was a great year, and I look forward to next year when both my girls are at the school together!

Here is Lilly with one of her very best friends, Blake. I tried to get them to put their arms around each other, but that was not happening!

Lilly & Mia...two of the cutest little girls!

She was SO sad. Therefore I was sad. We were both emotional messes. Pathetic!!

May Randoms

We headed out to the dump to get some mulch for our yard. You can't tell here, but the girls were laughing so hard because every time Anton would bend down, you could see the top of his bum...all without him knowing! It has been so fun to make our yard "ours". We have been doing quite a bit of stuff to the front yard, but haven't quite tackled the back yet. 

Claire is GLUED to my hip. Everywhere I go, she follows. I go upstairs...2 minutes later, she is with me. I tell her I am going up to work out, she is up there in no time. It is so funny. She doesn't ask me to play or do anything, she just wants to be near me. I remember Lilly being similar when she was this age. This is why I think Claire is ready for school. She needs and wants more stimulation and interaction with people. She is such a cutie! Anton and I were leaving town with some friends, and I worried how she would do when I was gone because of how attached she has been...but she was great! It was Lilly who cried. I thought it would be the opposite. Funny little thing!

Lilly had her "Egg Drop" at school. Anton wanted her little box to look cute, so we went and bought a whole bunch of these little springs and glued them on this box. It looked really funny and cute afterward. Her egg didn't survive, but she had fun with it anyway!

Claire finally let me put her hair in sponge rollers!! I thought for sure she would take them out once she got in bed, but she didn't. He hair was in super tight curls to begin with, but later in the day they loosened up and her hair looked SO pretty!! She is a particular little thing and wants things her way, so she was a little iffy on having a change of hair. 

Claire's cousin said the other day, "Claire isn't a tomboy anymore, she is a Tomgirl now". It's kind of true. She still loves some boy things, but now prefers to play with girl things. But, her all time favorite is still anything "Cheetah". Anyway, it got hot here, and Lilly was out of summer jammies, so we went to Costco to get some new jammies for her. Claire found these night gowns and was dying to get them. I caved and bought them even though that wasn't what I usually buy. She asked me if she could wear it all night, and "all the next day". I caved again. They are only little once, right?! 

Anton's sister and her family came up last minute to visit. They are some of our very favorite visitors (and people!), so we were thrilled when they called to say they were coming up! It was beautiful weather, and a low key weekend. We had to get ready for Anton to be gone for three weeks, so we just stayed around home, and spend most of the weekend outside. Our cul-de-sac seems to be the usual gathering place for all the neighbor kids. So, on Friday night we not only had all the neighbor kids, but their parents...and Nicole and her kids! It was so fun to just enjoy the beautiful evening, chat with friends & family, and have the kids get all their energy out!! In my opinion, there is nothing better than summer nights!

Granny's Big Day

My cute granny was quite old when she was baptized a member of the church, and my gramps was never active in the church. He was baptized, but never active. When my gramps one year anniversary of his death came around, my granny was too ill to go to the temple to be sealed to him. She has gradually recovered, but is so frail and is slowly declining. Anyway, my mom had been so anxious to get her to the temple to be sealed. We finally were able to find a time that worked for most of my family, and for my granny. It was such a sweet experience to see my mom be sealed to her parents, and to see my granny be sealed to her son and to the love of her life.  I am forever grateful for eternal families...I love my family so dearly!

End of Preschool

It is a little bittersweet to write those words...End of Preschool. I have adored Miss Lorie's preschool, and I think I am more sad than Claire that she is done with it. It it hard to wrap my head around the fact that Claire will be heading to Kindergarten in the fall. My sister asked me the other day if I was sad...and, I don't think sad is the first word to come to mind. Of course I can't stand that my girls are growing up, but Claire is so excited to be going to Kindergarten, so it makes it exciting for me too. Anyway, back to preschool....the week she graduated, they had some fun activities planned, including a cute little carnival. The kids played some cute little games, then afterward we took the kids to a park to play for a few minutes.

A couple of days later was her graduation. Each child had to recite a poem that they memorized. Claire was the only one who didn't say hers with a partner. I asked Miss Lorie why, and she said that Claire offered to be the one who did it by themselves. I thought that was funny, but so typical of Claire. She is always OK doing things on her own! She did a great job, and I loved watching her sing and do her poem...all in a little graduation cap. Too cute! Right after her graduation, I told her I would take her to lunch anywhere she wanted, so in true Brog fashion, she chose Del Taco! So funny! So long to preschool...I will miss it! But, we still get to see Miss Lorie this summer because Claire is going to take swim lessons from her. If anyone can get Claire to swim on her own, it would be Miss Lorie!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

West Desert

My dad bought a really fun new "toy" for the family, and he invited me and the girls out to the West Desert to go for a ride on it (yes, Anton was still out of town). It was on a Monday afternoon after school, so I canceled Lilly's piano lesson and off we went! It was so fun!! The girls loved it, but in typical fashion, Claire thought it was a little scary. She didn't want anyone, including me, to drive except for Pops. He took us on a fun little adventure. My dad likes to hype the kids up over ordinary things. It is really cute, and the kids totally but into it. He took us to see "evil cows", "snake city" and "gold mines". We even saw a dead cow - you can imagine how well that went over. Claire was certain it was indian zombies that killed it. My mom packed us a little dinner, and while we were eating we saw a horny toad. You would think little girls would be afraid of something like that, but they loved it. It was a blast!! 

Randoms in May

Claire makes me laugh. Her outfits that she insists on wearing always make me chuckle. She has been so sweet lately, and completely hooked to my hip. I am leaving town soon, and wonder how she will do. I worry that she is going to miss me. She even has been struggling when the babysitter puts her to bed. It is sad, but I also love that she loves me so much! 

I decided one morning that I just simply didn't want to exercise, I didn't want to do laundry, I didn't want to clean and I didn't want to work. The thing that sounded the most fun was to go out and enjoy the gorgeous weather with my little buddy. We stayed at the park for almost 2 hours, then went and got lunch. It was the best. 

We have been really lucky about not having our kids wander into our bed at night. Lilly never has, and Claire has wandered in maybe twice. Anton was out of town, and Claire had a really scary dream in the middle of the night. Usually I will just calm them down, and tuck them back into bed. This particular night I was so exhausted, that I just pulled her into bed with me. When I woke up that morning she looked so cute and comfy....I just had to snap a picture!

Mother's Day was so sweet this year. I was really missing Anton (it was the middle of his two week work trip) but the girls made my day really sweet. I had gone on Saturday night to the grocery store and bought way too much food for just the three of us, so I decided to invite my parents over for dinner. I was happy they hadn't been invited anywhere, and that we got to have them over. Earlier that morning, Lilly had made me breakfast - toast with honey - and then I opened some presents from them. Then we went to church where they sang and they gave me some cute little things they made in Primary. After church we went to visit my sweet little granny. She is getting so old and frail, and I couldn't help but wonder if this will be her last mother's day. She has been such a wonderful example of what a Mother should be. She is so kind, so empathetic, so thoughtful...I look up to her in so many ways. I love that my girls have a sweet relationship with her. This is the first time she has never gotten me a card and a present for Mother's Day... and the first time she has forgotten someone's birthday (Lilly)...that's amazing! It was really fun having my parents over, and I must say, I made the most delicious dinner and dessert. My parents would agree. YUM! Since my mom and dad were here, some of my siblings stopped by too. I was worried it would be a long lonely day without Anton, but it turned out to be a wonderful day. Being a mother is beyond anything I ever expected. It is wonderful, hard and so rewarding. I love it more than anything. I told Anton "thank you thank you thank you" for allowing me to stay at home with them and be a mother to the girls. I feel so grateful and so loved by my little family. Love them more than words could ever describe!! 

House projects

We got an apartment up in Montana so we decided to take the bunk-beds that were in Claire's room up there, and get her a new bed. She is constantly getting hand me down's, so we thought it would be fun for her to have a new room. We went and bought her a new bed, nightstand and dresser for her room. I found the most adorable pottery barn kids quilt on clearance at DownEast, and decided to paint her room a light blue to match her "star" ceiling and also tie into the colors on her new quilt. I still want to find some decor for her walls, but so far it is darling! I love it, and it is so her. I will post pictures once her room is done. While I was painting, the girls wanted to help so I had them strip down to undies and help me paint. It didn't last long. Paint was dripping and going everywhere, and my patience was little to all they got to paint was one little section. I love to paint, and had her room finished in just a few hours. There was very little prep, which made the whole process so much easier. 

This project has been the VERY WORST EVER. I can't even begin to describe my frustration with this stupid project. I wanted to paint the cabinets because they were looking a little rough. At first I thought I would paint them white like the other cabinets, but decided to just do black again. Anton had convinced me to not just sand them and repaint, but to strip the paint and then repaint after the several layers were stripped off. He was out of town when I began stripping the paint, and I sent him a picture of it and said "I hate you so much right now". I was so mad I let him convince to do that!! The paint will not come off, and the paint stripper is a pain to get off. It is just gummy, messy and just plain awful. It doesn't look bad in pictures, but when you see it in person and feel how rough they are, you can get an idea of how awful it is. Ugh. The joys of being a homeowner. The good thing is, I completely learned my lesson. Never again will I try to do that!! Another project I will post pictures of once it is completely done....which will hopefully be soon!